How not to be a tech zombie

Don’t get us wrong, technology is great, right? It has opened so many doors for us, made life easier, and changed the scope of our world. In fact, technology has brought so many great things to the table, but it is also often criticised as well. Many say we are too reliant on technology these days, and they kind of have a point. Then there’s also the issue of tech zombies.

A tech zombie is one of those people you see who constantly has their face buried in their phone all the time. People who can go entire conversations without even looking at you, you know the sort. We all hate when people behave like that, but we’ve all done it at some point. Here are some great ways to not be a tech zombie, and stop annoying your friends and family.

Regulate yourself

The first thing you need to do is regulate yourself, and the amount of time you’re spending on your devices. It’s easy to get carried away and end up spending too much time on your phone or surfing the web on your iPad. But, you probably don’t even realize how much time you are actually spending on your technology. If you want to avoid being a tech zombie as much as possible, you need to make sure you cut down on the amount of time you spend using it.

How not to be a tech zombie

Invent ‘message time’

A great idea to reduce your technology time is to come up with an idea called ‘message time.’ This is where you set aside a specific period of time each day to check, send, and receive messages. You should also use this time to check your Facebook and your emails, and make sure you get your fix in. By doing it this way, you can be sure you aren’t spending all day on your tech, and you have a set time to check important things. This is also a brilliant idea when you’re in the work environment as well.

Back to basics

These days people could stand to get back to basics more. Some days it’s great to just ditch the phone, and the iPad, and the TV, and get out and about for a while. Getting back to basics, and taking the time to enjoy the natural world for a bit is a really good way of reminding you there is a world out there, and it’s pretty beautiful as well.

No phones at dinner

When we were kids, our parents always used to have the rule that there were no phones allowed at the dinner table. We suggest you take this to a more modern level and introduce a phone basket into the home. That means that any time the family congregates at the table for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the phones need to go into the phone basket. This is a great way of removing the temptation, and forcing people to converse with each other for a change!

How not to be a tech zombie

Don’t be a tech zombie, and make sure you get back to real life by using the ideas and hints on here. Time to put the kibosh on how much you are using and relying on your devices. Remember, there are people in the world, and so much magnificence to explore – get out there and see it!