This is the best time to buy a car

Buying a car can be filled with uncertainty. Is this the right model? Are we getting scammed by the dealer? When is the best time to buy? We can’t speak for the model you need, or what some dodgy dealer is going to do, but we do know the best times to buy cars. According to the high-ups at and Credit Karma, these are the best times to go out and buy yourself that new car you’ve been working so hard toward.

This is the best time to buy a car


December is seen as the time of the year that people in the automotive industry are set on making deals for their customers. The retailers want to meet their end-of-year sales, and that often means selling cars at cut-price deals.

Luxury car brands in particular love to bulk up their deals at this time of year as typically they don’t sell as many units as budget brands. If you’ve been looking for an upgrade, consider holding out until December and get your money’s worth.


Although the end-of-year deals tend to come thick and fast during December, many of them actually begin in September. This is right in the middle of model year changeovers, so you can get yourself a cut-price new car albeit, it’s classified as a year older. Dealers want to fill their showrooms with the newest cars possible, so having any old stock lying around won’t do. This is your chance to seize their need to sell and cut yourself a great deal.

The end of the month

Many people have to hold out until they get paid at the end of the month, but it can be the best time to buy a car. Much like it being a good time to buy at the end of the year, car salespeople are given monthly targets. If you get the right salesperson looking to meet their monthly objective, you could get yourself a pretty sweet deal.

It also ways to go car shopping during the early part of the week. The weekends are generally the busiest time for salespeople, so going to buy a car early in the week means you’ll get the full attention of your salesperson.

This is the best time to buy a car

Public holidays

Shopping for a new car on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Memorial Day can save you tons of money. Dealers love to wait until major holidays before unleashing their big discounted offers. It’s not all about waiting for the exact day though because quite often the dealers will be running promotions in the lead up to these busy weekends.

The week after Christmas

The week after Christmas can be one of the best times to get yourself a deal on a new car. Dealers have their quotas to hit for the end of the year, and month, while also preparing for the new year. Discounts can be at an all-time high when the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day coincides with the weekend.

Dealers are trying to clear out whatever stock they’ve got and may be willing to let some go for cheaper than you’d expect. New-car incentives are easy to come by during this time, and it really is a buyer’s market at this time of the year. Don’t like what one dealer is offering you? Tell them you’re going to the other one down the road and see how their price changes.

Of course, these are not guaranteed cheaper times of the year, but typically these are when you get the best deals. Car salespeople have targets to hit and knowing when they are most desperate to shift their cars can really help a buyer out.