How to communicate more efficiently with your boss

Communicating effectively with your boss is extremely important. Lack of communication or ineffective communication can lead to a breakdown in relations and can be detrimental to your happiness and productivity at work. Below are some tips and ideas to help you communicate more efficiently with your boss.

Know how to communicate with them

Different people communicate differently. Some prefer email, others prefer telephone conversations and others prefer direct, one on one meetings. Make sure you know which is the best method to use with your boss and follow that, don’t insist on doing it your way. If you communicate using his or her preferred method, chances are, he or she will be more likely to respond more efficiently.

How to communicate more efficiently with your boss

Communicate on a personal level

Personal conversations with your boss are important. You don’t have to be their friend – after all, this is a workplace and they are your “superior”, but a simple question about how their weekend was can endear yourself to them and they are more likely to give you more attention when discussing work-related matters.

Ask for feedback or help when you need it

Nobody is perfect or knows everything and you may find yourself unsure of whether or not you are doing the right thing. Ask your boss for feedback. Be specific when asking as this will show your boss that you want to grow, be more productive, and are not just being lazy. Feedback isn’t always negative and asking for it shows initiative. Remember, your boss can’t read your mind so they won’t know when you need help unless you ask. Your boss wants your work to be the best it can be as your output is reflective of him or her.

Be accountable

If you have made a mistake or done something wrong, don’t try and hide it from your boss. Speak to them, explain to them where or why you made this mistake, and offer a solution to rectify it. This shows honesty and integrity. Also, your boss will probably be more understanding than if he or she finds out about it later from somewhere else, which creates a bigger mess and slows progress down.

Don’t complain behind their back

Complaining behind your bosses back can be extremely detrimental to your working relationship. It not only increases your negative feelings towards them, but it is unfair to them as well as they are unable to fix what they don’t know is wrong. We are all human and even your boss can make a mistake. So instead of bad mouthing them behind their back, rather speak to them and respectfully explain to them why you are feeling that way toward them and allow them to explain themselves or apologize and correct their behavior.

How to communicate more efficiently with your boss

Always keep them in the loop

Whenever there is an update or important information, make sure that you keep your boss informed. This allows for him or her to make correct decisions and to be on top of any situation that arises. Remember that your boss will most likely have to report to his or her superior and they would need to give all the relevant information too so don’t hold back when giving your boss updates on whatever it is you are working on.

Be assertive, not aggressive

When communicating with your boss, remember that they are your superior and that you should never attack them as it is unlikely that this will lead to anything productive. If you are having an issue with them, your boss will be more likely to listen to your grievances if you are assertive yet polite and respectful.