How to correct a bad first impression

First of all, we are all human. We all make mistakes. The only thing that people we try to impress can ask from us is that we truly try our very best. Unfortunately, sometimes trying our best may not come across very well. Perhaps you tried too a little hard at an interview – all because you wanted the job so badly, or maybe you were up all late worrying which made you late for the important first meeting with a new client. Whenever or whatever it was that made you believe you made a fool outta yourself, don’t think too much into it.

There are plenty of ways for you to correct a bad first impression. Here are a few tips to help you get to grips with how you may go about trying to fix the first encounter.



Owning the responsibility of your mistake is the first step. If you feel that you didn’t get off on the right foot, take a step back and ponder on why this may be. It is essential you take action and apologize for your mistakes – owning up to these will prove that you are the bigger person in morally admitting to your own wrongdoings with maturity.

But don’t over do it…

Apologizing is one thing, but over-apologizing is another. Besides the fact you may simply add to the irritation you have caused them, it really does diminish the sincerity of what you are apologizing for. It can put the other person in a somewhat uncomfortable situation themselves if you go on an endless rant. That links us nicely onto the next…

Be genuine

The recipient of your apology will know when you’re pretending to be someone or something you’re not. You need to weigh up whether this is all worth the sweating about – if it isn’t, then don’t waste yours or their time. Life really is too short. However, if it is important for you to alter their perception and for you to correct the mistakes you have made, make sure your attempts to do so are heartfelt, honest and genuine.


Ask for feedback

The art of conversation can be key. If you feel you offended someone or you believe that you have done something clearly wrong in another person’s eyes, then perhaps the right thing to do is to talk about it – ask for their opinion on why. Communication between you may be the best way to move forward, and it will help you understand how you may need to change your behavior in the future.

Don’t be hard on yourself

Letting your imagination run away with you when worrying about the first impression can be tough. It is crucial that you reason with yourself rationally and don’t allow this to damage your feelings and self-esteem. You cannot let the intercalation magnify in your own thoughts. Just make sure you learn from your mistakes, and allow yourself to move on.

Forget the old saying of – “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!” Remember, there is always a chance for you to recover from your first failed attempt – there is always a possibility for you to bounce back better than ever.