Getting your dream job when you lack experience

It’s difficult to get any job today without experience. But a lot of job seekers find themselves in the endless cycle of being unable to get the experience for the job they want. If you find yourself in this situation and a lack of experience is what is keeping you from your dream job then here are some ways you can prove your worth in the field.

Getting your dream job when you lack experience

Boost your education

It takes a long time to educate yourself fully in any field, but the long time will be worth it if it advances you toward your dream job. Most fields require you to have some basic qualification, but you can give yourself an edge by adding a few more qualifications on top of that. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to become a professor in the field, but there are options like taking online courses related to the field that could show your willingness to increase your knowledge to your future potential employer.


Talk to people in the field. They know how they got in so they can help you to do the same. It also helps to work on a project with someone in the field so that they can recommend you to future employers. Don’t know who to talk to? Attend job fairs or conferences and conventions and you’re more than likely to meet someone who will be interested in helping you.

Look for transferable skills

Previous jobs you’ve had may be more helpful than you realize. They may be in completely different fields but there are certain skills that are applicable across the board. For example, working as a waiter teaches you how to manage money and deal with customers. This is transferable to any job in the commerce sector. Even other things that aren’t necessarily previous jobs can help. You can make it clear to your potential employer that playing in a team sport shows how well you work in a team.

Volunteer in the field

This is probably the easiest way to get experience in the field. Organizations hardly ever turn down a volunteer. It’s not always a great feeling to work for free, but it shows your future employer how passionate you are about the field. It’s even better if you offer yourself for a voluntary position at the company for which you want to one day work.

Getting your dream job when you lack experience

Try a related field

It might be easier to get into a field that is closely related but not quite the same as your dream job. For example, if you want to be a teacher but can’t get placed anywhere, try starting your own or joining an existing tutoring company. You might find that the related field is just as, or more enjoyable than the job you originally dreamed of.

Do related hobbies

While hobbies do give you extra experience in a related field, they also at the very least allow you to enjoy yourself and what you do. For example, you can create a blog about all things science if you are interested in a scientific career. If your future employee sees that your hobbies are also centered around the work that you’re interested in, they will see just how much it means to you.