Grooming tips all stylish men know

For years it felt like guys shouldn’t be spending any time at all on their grooming regime. Other than having a shave and jumping in the shower, guys were pretty much good to go. These days male grooming routines are a little more complicated than that, and there’s more to making yourself look great than splashing some water on your face. Here are some grooming tips to help all stylish men look their best.


Get trimming

There are a couple of things that guys need to keep on top of, and it’s their haircut plus their facial hair. If you have a shorter hairstyle, you want to be heading to your barbers around once a month to make sure your hair isn’t looking unkempt. When you run your fingers through your hair and you feel as though you could do with a trim, get a trim.

The chances are if you’re noticing your hair length, then so are other people. The same applies for your face fuzz, but you should be trimming this at least once per week. Getting into a weekly routine of reshaping your beard to prevent you looking like you’ve been lost in the wilderness for years. You should also consider keeping your eyebrows in check by getting rid of hair in the middle of them and trimming back any stray ones.

Find a scent

One thing that is becoming more important in a guy’s grooming routine is making sure they smell great. For some people that means taking a shower in cologne, but trust us, that’s overbearing. If people can smell you coming down the street, you’re wearing too much. Instead, you want your scent to be subtle and an addition to your overall smell. It’s best to stick to one or two particular colognes, rather than buying 20 bottles and spraying yourself silly with them.

Scrub, scrub, scrub

Your face is the part of your body that people see the most of, so it’s important to look after is as much as you can. One of the best ways is to keep the skin clean by using a face scrub. Try getting into the routine of using a scrub at the beginning of the week to wash away whatever you got up to during the weekend. Then wash your face with a scrub that’s less rough a couple more times during the week to make your skin feel clear and clean.


Look after your feet

While you might not get your feet out very often, come the summer you’re going to want to give them a break from being jammed in your shoes. Take a pumice stone to your feet after you shower, when the skin is softest. Gently scrub off any of the hard skin that can form on your feet and then moisturize them. By the time the hot months roll around, your feet will be looking pretty fresh and no longer an embarrassment.

Wash your face

You’re going to need to wash your face more often than you might think. We all live busy lives, and in many places around the world, there’s plenty of dirt and grime flying around through the air. To keep your skin feeling clean and clear, try getting into the habit of washing your face before you go to bed. Use some ice water to dunk your face into and then use a gentle face wash to finish. Don’t apply moisturizer to give your skin a chance to breathe before you face the world again in the morning.

These tips will help you to keep on top of your grooming regime and have you looking slicker than ever. They aren’t hard to follow and will make all the difference to how the world sees you.