Things you should never wear to a job interview

So you’ve landed the interview? That’s great! Now, it’s time to think about making that winning first impression. While planning your outfit, it might be best to avoid the things you should never wear to a job interview if you want to make the right lasting statement.

Bright colors

They say that an interview is a perfect way for us to stand out from the crowd but in the right way. Although bright colors might look good when heading for dinner with your friends, experts believe that it’s best to stick to natural colors to ensure you impress your potential boss. Simply put, you don’t want to be the loudest one in the room.

Things you should never wear to a job interview


Listening to music on the trip there is a brilliant way to relax before your interview. However, it’s best to remove them before you head into the office. No, this doesn’t mean hanging them around your neck. We need to tuck those bad boys out of sight to show that we are fully invested in the interview.

Ill-fitting clothes

Your choice of clothes can say a lot about your personality. Wearing baggy clothing might seem fashionable, but it could also give the impression that you’ve borrowed your outfit from a friend or relative. On the other hand, clothes that are too tight may not be the most flattering look for heading to the office.


Sure, you spent a lot of money on that pedicure and want to show it off, or it’s a hot day and you want to keep cool. Unfortunately, your potential new boss probably doesn’t want to see your toes. Even if the office has a casual dress code, it can make a great impression to dress a little smarter than everyone else for your interview.


Jeans are one of the ultimate choices of pants. Sure, they can sometimes be dressed up to look smarter than a jeans and T-shirt outfit, but do you want to take the risk? Smart black trousers, chinos, or suit pants are likely to make a much better first impression than rocking the denim look in the interview room.

Things you should never wear to a job interview

Gym clothes

These are a comfy choice for most times of the day. That is until you need to impress at an interview. Rather than giving off the illusion of being fit and healthy, you’ll probably look as though you choose comfort over looking professional, and it might even seem lazy to some employers.

Lots of perfume or cologne

We’ll be honest; job interviews can leave many of us hot under the collar. Perhaps you want to cover your tracks by opting for some perfume or cologne? Although it might seem like a good idea at first, choosing anything that’s too overpowering might see your employer want to rush you out the door to rid the office of the smell.

Heading for a job interview can be nerve-wracking enough without the added worry of what you need to wear. Thankfully, avoiding certain clothes should help you give off the best impression from the start.