Tips for surviving a 90+ minute commute

Commute times are getting longer and longer with each passing year. The average commute time has increased to 40 minutes with some super commutes being 90 minutes or more in each direction. Research has found that employees with longer commutes find less satisfaction in their jobs and are more likely to quit before other employees. But there is hope. There is light at the end of the long commute tunnel because we are sharing the top tips for surviving a 90+ minute commute.

Tips for surviving a 90+ minute commute

The commute to work

There is a shift in mindset when we enter the workplace. Our minds make a distinct transition into work mode so we can focus at the office. Using the commute to ease into this transition is a great way to take the day by the horns.

For those who commute by public transport, use this time to go through emails, arrange the daily schedule, or make some important phone calls. This will result in entering the office and already being on top of the game. No need to still transition into work mode, you’re already there.

For those who commute with their own vehicle, please don’t answer emails or arrange the schedule while driving. But having a hands free kit for a phone can allow us to make important calls, send voice notes, or even take down important voice notes for ourselves. Driving the commute is one of the most, if not the most stressful part of the whole day. It’s never fun to deal with traffic, but dealing with traffic and stressing over time is the worst. Leave home 15 minutes earlier each day to avoid the stress of time and have a relaxed drive.

The commute home

Just as there is a shift in mindset on the way to work, the same happens on the way home. Our minds and bodies are desperately trying to shrug off the stress of the day. And it’s time to let them do just that. Now is not the time to worry about work, answer emails or even look at a phone. Most of us work in front of a screen all day. It’s not good for our eyes and causes mental fatigue, so keep the phone hidden away during the commute home and enjoy the scenery, read a book or listen to music to let the mind unwind. This time can even be utilized to learn a new language.

Tips for surviving a 90+ minute commute

For those who drive the commute home, consider a physical activity before that trip home. A trip to the gym during rush hour on the highway means open roads for the trip home and a shorter commute overall.

Another great tip for the commute home is to make sure that there are snacks and water in the car. We have all been there, stuck on the highway, the traffic is barely moving and that thirst sets in. suddenly we are moody and the commute home becomes another stressful one.

When faced with a super commute, we really need to weigh out the pros and cons of the options we have. Is this position so good that we consider moving closer to the office? Is this position not so good and can also be found closer to home? Or is home perfect and the job perfect enough to warrant the 90+ minute commute twice a day?