How to nourish your mind

The brain is at the center of every activity in the body. It controls every thought, movement, feeling and sensation. Keeping it in optimal health is therefore vital. In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the prevalence of mental health illnesses among teenagers and adults.

Work, school and social life all factor in. Fortunately, all it takes to ensure good brain health is incorporating daily healthy habits into your lifestyle. Note that a healthy mind is key to great mental health. Some of the ways to nourish your mind include:


Enrich your diet with brain food

Most people are familiar with the fact that diet plays a big role in maintaining good physical health. However, many are not aware that what we eat also affects how our brain works. Foods that have been proven to be detrimental to brain health include refined carbohydrates and excess sugar. On the other hand, foods such as berries, nuts, whole grain, oily fish and eggs provide the brain with all the nutrients it requires.

Get up and about

Physical exercise increases circulation in the body. This in turn boosts the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain. Also, exercise raises serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is a chemical that contributes to feelings of happiness. It’s vital in fighting off stress and other negative feelings which are often major causes of mental illness. Besides this, getting out of the house and taking a run will also give you a chance to break from the monotony of your thoughts, allowing your mind to wander away from your worries.

Keep learning

When you don’t use your brain, it declines and ages way faster. However, by keeping yourself mentally occupied, you have a better chance of avoiding degenerative brain diseases. Learning helps in creating new neural connections that strengthens your cognitive function. Remember, learning could be anything from going back to school, learning a new talent, reading books, learning a new language or filling crossword puzzles. Whatever you do, don’t let your brain remain unchallenged for long periods of time.


Build your self esteem

Self esteem is important in everything that you do in life. If you have dreams and ambitions, you have to believe in your ability to achieve them. So long as you keep on the track that you know will take you there, you’ll be alright. Building up your confidence means that instead of wallowing in self doubt, you’ll actively work towards your achievements. When you achieve progress in this manner, it’s hard to be tied down by negative thoughts that deteriorate your mental well being.

Practice meditation

Modern life is boggled down by too many obligations and worries. Taking a step back from all the pressure can actually do you a lot of good. Meditating involves disconnecting yourself from the things around you that stress you out. This helps in battling negative thoughts and also gives the brain a well needed break to re-energize itself.

With these simple habits, you can keep your mind as nourished as possible. Just always remember that your brain is as important as your body, and should get just as much tender loving care.