Why we should all take mental health days

Sometimes life seems to be moving at a hundred miles an hour, and it may feel like you have no option but to keep up and continue motoring on. Some employees believe that by stepping out and taking some time to look after themselves emotionally is the equivalent of being weak and giving up. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Why we should all take mental health days

Acknowledge your emotions

Mental health is a vital component to your overall wellbeing, and it should be taken just as seriously as you would your physical health. Whether you have an ailment in your body or feel mentally or emotionally drained, your productivity is affected, both at work and life in general. That’s why it’s essential that you first identify when you need to call time-out and then proceed to take the appropriate steps to recover. A common reason why people don’t do it is because they may feel guilty, ashamed, or even that they’re being overly dramatic. Ironically, it’s the actual opposite. Your body is trying to ask for help through your emotions and reactions.

Give yourself the time you need

By admitting that you’re struggling and being aware of it is the first step. Then give some thought to what will help you feel better. Will more rest do the trick? Do you need a night away? Would a shopping spree soothe that feeling? Or can a good book help you by transporting you to a different world momentarily? However you choose to spend your mental health day, the point is that you actively choose to help yourself. Taking advantage of a day to treat yourself to much-needed rest from the stresses of work is highly beneficial because it supports overall health and wellness. It also allows you to keep a healthy work-life balance. Mental illness is way more common than you think, so don’t push yourself to the limit. A day where you can reflect on what you want out of life and how to eliminate unnecessary stress can do you a world of good.

Why we should all take mental health days

Don’t let your colleagues’ judgments stop you

So many times, we let others’ thoughts determine our actions because we’re worried about being judged. This is very much the case with most individuals. One thing to remember is that what you’re dealing with is no-one’s business but yours. No one can better understand what you’re going through except you. Nobody else has to deal with the repercussions of not taking care of yourself appropriately when necessary but you. Accept that people will talk and have their opinions, but ultimately it’s your responsibility to look after yourself. You’re not the only one that stands to gain from this time off, your employer does too, as you will be better equipped to perform at your optimal level. If you’re still not comfortable labeling your day off as a mental health day, then tell your boss you need a personal day, because that is exactly what it is. A day that you get to concentrate on you without any interference.

By ignoring the signs or choosing to just keep going, it can become a more long term issue. So don’t wait until it requires more than just a day to fix, take that time for yourself, and see how helpful it can be. You will not regret it!