5 great places to live in as a digital nomad

The world is more connected than ever, which means we no longer have to tie ourselves down to one spot. People are becoming digital nomads as it gives them the freedom of living wherever they want, all they need is a laptop. That means people can work out of coffee shops all around the world! These are five great places to live in as a digital nomad.

Bangkok – Thailand

If you want to escape the western world, then there is no better place than Bangkok, Thailand. You have the amazing culture to lose yourself in, the ancient architecture, and the food. The main reason to bring your laptop all the way to Thailand is your stomach and the exciting culinary experience awaiting you. There is good WiFi coverage across most of the city, and the cost of living is pretty low, especially where food is concerned.

5 great places to live in as a digital nomad

Lisbon – Portugal

The Portuguese city of Lisbon has long been one of the most underrated places to visit in Europe. There is a fun mixture of old architecture and lively creative communities. Sometimes the internet can be a little slow, but that will just force you to take a glance up from your screen and delve into the city for a while. If you’re going to work remotely, you might as well enjoy the remote part.

Warsaw – Poland

Despite being pretty much in the center of Europe, Warsaw doesn’t come with the huge expense of living like neighboring Germany. The internet is perfectly fine, the city has a safe feeling about it, there are plenty of English speakers, and you’ll find tons of places to work from. Setting up an office will not be a problem, and it comes with a Berlin-style nightlife that just has to be experienced once in your life.

Medellin – Colombia

The Colombian city of Medellin is becoming a hotspot for digital nomads, so you’re likely to run into a few people in the same situation as yourself. It’s up to you whether you socialize with them or choose to go full nomad or not though! What is great about Medellin is the cost of food is low, just like the healthcare, so if you run into a health problem it’s totally affordable. There is a vibrant nightlife, and the tropical fruits are fresher than anywhere else on the planet.

5 great places to live in as a digital nomad

Mexico City – Mexico

Mexico City has great options for finding places to work from and with air conditioning everywhere you’ll only have to face the heat on your terms. Food is of course exceptional, because, Mexico. If you need a break from your work, the city is a great place to take a stroll around and give yourself a break from it all for a while. Renting somewhere to stay is easy and affordable, meaning you’ll have more cash to spend enjoying yourself.

These five places all offer a digital nomad an escape from regular life. If you’ve been getting the urge to begin living as a digital nomad then look no further than any of these amazing places.