Should you bond with your coworkers outside the office?

When you work a regular job, you get to know your colleagues reasonably well. Considering you spend most of your waking hours with them during the week, you’d have to be pretty antisocial not to become a little familiar with them. How far do you take that connection, though? Do you save your conversations for work, or do you expand your relationship outside of the office? We think we’ve found the answer.

It improves working relations

Good relationships between coworkers are essential in any office. If you can’t get along with the people you work with, you’re not going to enjoy your job. However, there’s only so much you can do in the office to help your relationships blossom. That’s why taking things out into the real world can make a huge difference. By spending time with your colleagues outside normal office hours, you can make the kind of connections that routine office dynamic would never allow. There’s nothing like bonding with your coworkers after you’ve all downed several cocktails.

Should you bond with your coworkers outside the office?

It can cross the line

Of course, the downside of getting friendly with your colleagues is that it blurs the distinction between business and pleasure, so to speak. While spending time outside of the office has the benefit of improving relations, it also makes it hard to keep your personal life at home. If you happen to fall out with a coworker during a night out, things are going to be awkward at work the next day. That kind of toxicity can be harmful to the office dynamic, so you always have to be careful about what you say. You don’t want to cross the line.

It’s great for new employees

While there are some concerns over spending your free time with your colleagues, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. There’s a lot of good that can come from this extra bonding time, particularly if someone is new to the office. It’s a great way to break the ice and make them feel like part of the team in record time. If they’re more comfortable around their coworkers, they’re probably going to be a lot more productive in the office.

Should you bond with your coworkers outside the office?

It can help small businesses

When you work for a small company, there’s nowhere to hide. There’s so few of you in the office anyway that relationships play a significant part in whether or not the business thrives. If you don’t get along with each other, it’ll show in your work, so it’s vital to find ways to connect with your colleagues. What better time to do that than outside of office hours? It’s the perfect time to sit back and get to know each other, and it could be what makes or breaks your company.

The connections we make in life should always be meaningful, no matter who they’re with. There’s no reason why colleagues should only be people you see around the office, especially if you have lots in common. Bonding with your coworkers after hours is a great way to find yourself some new friends – just remember not to share all your secrets the first time you go out together!