What to do when you can’t quit your job

There are many reasons that you may be unable to leave your current job. Perhaps there are financial constraints or maybe you feel that this job is an important stepping stone for your career path. Whatever the case is, it can be extremely frustrating having to remain in a place where you are unhappy or unfulfilled. Below are some tips to help make this period a little easier for you.

Make plans

Whilst you may be unable to leave your current position just yet, there is nothing stopping you from making plans to do so eventually. You could update your resume, ask around for any vacancies, or even attend job fairs in your area. Maybe even take a short learning course at your local college to broaden your horizons to allow you to move into a different field.

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Never stop learning

Although you are feeling stuck, remember that everything in life is an opportunity to learn and grow. Refine your skills and enhance your knowledge while you work so that when the time comes to leave, you have a vast amount of experience that will hopefully help you in your new job.

Nothing lasts forever

This too shall pass. Eventually, you will be able to leave this job and move on. Don’t allow the feeling of despair or unhappiness to overcome you.

Don’t become disengaged

Just because you are unhappy or unfulfilled, it does not mean you should start being sloppy or unprofessional. Remember that you may have to use your current employer as a reference when applying for other jobs and you don’t want them to report to a prospective employer that you were constantly late or did not perform to the best of your capabilities.


Often times we may be unhappy with our current situation because there are some unresolved issues in the background that we need to deal with. Take a long look at yourself and assess what it is that is making you unhappy or unfulfilled in your current job. Is it the company, the company culture, the managers, or maybe that this is just not the correct field for you? Whatever it is, it is important that you can identify the problem to avoid moving to another job and being stuck with the same feelings.

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Change how you look at your current job

Perspective is key and whilst you may have many reasons to be unhappy or unfulfilled in your current job, you can certainly change your perspective while searching for your next job. Think about the one funny coworker who always makes you laugh or the kind lady who always brings some sort of homemade treats to share. Perhaps you’ve learned some valuable insights in the industry that will help you in the future. Try and align your values with your current job. If you enjoy helping people, think of how your job allows you to engage with others and help them. Gratefulness is important too. Think of all the people out there who don’t have jobs or how this job allows you to keep a roof over your head and food on your table. Although you may still not wish to remain at your current job, once you change your perspective and start focusing on the positives of the situation, you will find that your time spent at work becomes less of a burden and a drag.