Five office supplies you must have

Your office is the place where you spend the most of your day, so making it as productive as possible is essential. Different office supplies will assure that you are more efficient and your work day is more productive. With the right list, it is easy to transform your empty space into a comfortable office.

Below is a checklist of supplies that you cannot afford to miss in your working area.

1. Furniture

Unless you’re going to be standing around all day, office furniture should be the first thought when you’re setting up an office. It doesn’t call for much, just a basic desk and a chair, and from that you can make choices according to your budget and preferences. Choose a chair that will keep you comfortable as you work, in order to avoid fatigue. Storage furniture is also another vital item. Filing cabinets to store away your files and folders will go a long way in keeping your working area organized.

2. Writing tools

Even with everything around going digital, there’s still a need to jot something down now and then. It can be notes from a meeting, a quick reminder on a post it note, or even labels. With basic ballpoint pens in various colors, highlighters, permanent markers, and pencils, you’ll be good to go. You can even get multifunctional pens which double up as pencils and highlighters, along with multiple ink colors for added efficiency.

3. Paper supplies

Again, technology has not yet made us completely paperless. In an office, you’ll need something to write on to help you stay organized. Keep a stock of notepads, notebooks, printing paper, and sticky notes. With these, it will be easy to note down to-do lists, client appointments or take meeting notes.

4. Planner

A planner that will keep you reminded about your various responsibilities throughout the work day is an important office item to have around. This will help a lot in managing your time while you’re busy. Other than phone calendars, having a planner somewhere you can see it, hanging on your wall, for example, can be a very effective way of keeping up with your deadlines and appointments. With this, your work day will run along smoothly with you keeping everything in check and avoiding last minute rushes or skipping out on important tasks.

5. Organizational supplies

How much your office is organized has a lot to do with how much work you manage to put in in a day. If you’re organized, you’ll always know where everything is and will not spend hours rummaging through untidy piles. Files, binders, staplers, binder clips, and hole punches are some of the basic supplies you can use to help with organization. They will keep your papers and documents in place. Label different binders with their specific paperwork, and finding them later will be breeze.

Armed with these five essential supplies, your office will be ready for business. Make sure to utilize the available space well in order to keep everything you need organized and have it within your reach whenever you need it.