How to liven up your workspace

Your place of work is where you spend a large part of your day. Making it a friendly space for yourself is therefore important. Your surroundings contribute a lot to the output you give. Working in a dreary place with no cheerfulness to it will affect your mood and your motivation to work in the end. Changing up those bland, colorless walls or your empty desk can liven up your work environment drastically.

A lively workplace can even help reduce work-related stress and frustrations. Since your workplace is basically your second home, make a little effort to make it a lovable place, just like you do for your living quarters. This little effort might make a lot of difference in your entire work dynamic.

How to liven up your workspace

1. Make use of color

Color is one of the surest, easiest ways of livening up any space. You don’t need to worry about painting entire walls, which in most cases is not even an option. Small splashes of color here and there can make all the difference. Brightly colored desk accessories, stationery, planners, calendars, and bulletin boards are small things that can brighten up your working area. Pins and frames you use for photos can also be colorful and decorative. If it’s a home office, go ahead and paint up those walls with a color that brightens your mood.

2. Bring in greenery

Potted plants will bring in a bit of natural color to your office, and even freshen up the air. Small succulent plants that do not require a lot of care and attention are ideal for the office. They’re also a good replacement for fresh flowers, which eventually dry up and need to be replaced frequently.

3. Keep your desk organized

There’s nothing that sucks the motivation out of the workday more than a messy and chaotic working area. A messy desk will give you the impression of loads of uncompleted work and ultimately dampen the office mood. Neatening things up will leave you with more space. Having a less crowded space will liven up the area.

How to liven up your workspace

4. Keep personal photos in your office

A few framed photos of your family and friends are a nice view to keep on your desk. For those times when work gets stressful and frustrating, you’ll have memories to hold onto and give you a break. Having something so familiar and personal will also make the workplace seem less dreary and more homey.

5. Keep inspiration around you

When work gets tough, having a few inspirational quotes somewhere you can see them will keep you grounded and motivated. It could be a cool plaque or painting on the wall, or stickers on your drawers. They’ll relax you and keep your eyes set on your goals.

6. Bring in a rug

A soft plush rug in your workspace will not only make your office more welcoming, but will also allow you to get rid of your shoes for a while and sink your feet into comfort.
Once you incorporate some of these changes, your office will be a lively and relaxing place that puts you in the right mood to get your work done.