How do you know if it’s time for a career change?

Just like many other areas in our lives, there may come a time when you feel the need for a serious change in your job. Finding a new job is not easy, let alone switching careers.

How do you know it’s the right time to make the big change? How can you be sure that you’re not making a big mistake?

Of course, a large part of your desire to change careers has to do with your current situation. How you feel about your current career is the ultimate indication on whether you should stay where you are or explore new avenues. Making that major leap is the best choice if you find yourself in any of these situations:

1. Your growth has stagnated

When your current career does not give a chance to learn, explore your potential, chart new responsibilities, or advance your profession in any way, it’s easy to feel unfulfilled. If you’re not becoming better and find yourself doing the same thing day in day out, then it’s a perfect time to change careers.

2. Your talents remain unexplored

We all have something that we are good at, and which we would like to incorporate into our daily jobs. Talents are often tied to long-term dreams, and if your career does not provide a platform for its advancement, you might find yourself feeling unsatisfied and less motivated. A career change into something that lets you exploit your natural talents will be a great step.

3. The idea of going to work fills you with dread

A great career is one that enables you to earn a living and enjoy what you do. If you find yourself dreading the idea of going to work every morning, then you have a problem. And yes, a lot of people may not be fans of early mornings, but this is not what we’re talking about. When it gets to a point where you get anxiety and feel exhaustion at the idea of going back to your place of work, that’s serious. If you find yourself absolutely dreading the idea of reporting for work, make that career change.

4. You’ve lost all purpose and passion

If what you’re doing no longer holds any meaning for you, then you’ve lost your purpose to keep doing it. Waking every morning to work on something you don’t believe in anymore can be mentally taxing. You’ll probably have no drive to accomplish anything, and you’ll constantly be plagued by boredom and resentment. Make that change and find something that you look forward to.

5. You’re only doing it for money

We work to make money and earn a living. That is very important. It’s not as important, however, if it’s going to cost you everything else. If you’re unhappy at your job, no amount of money can offset the mental and physical strain it will bring you. As much as a dependable income is critical, so is personal satisfaction. Your career should mean more to you than a paycheck, as it’s the life you live everyday. Changing to a more satisfying career will ensure better peace of mind.