How to motivate a happy, productive workforce

It is not always easy being in charge of a workforce or even owning your own business. You have many more stresses to deal with and this can often make one feel overwhelmed and forget about the people doing a lot of the grunt work with you. This article aims to give you some tips to connect with your workforce and maximize their functioning as a team.

1. Listen

Are they having a hard time with a project or even dealing with a problem in their life? Just take a few moments to listen. This does not mean that you sit there for hours but even 5 minutes of active listening and understanding can mean a lot for a person and motivate them in their work. If they do not feel so concerned about whatever is troubling them, they will be able to focus more on their work and it will show them that they have a reliable boss/superior.


2. Recognize their progress or achievements

Everyone has the need to feel valued from time to time and feel like they are appreciated at work. This will inspire them to keep working hard on their projects and to have a more positive outlook on their job.

3. Respect

Respect them as fellow human beings that also need to get home to tend to their family’s needs and that they have other activities that they are excited about outside of work. Do not waste their time and be grateful when they offer to work overtime or put more effort than they need to.

4. Team building activities

Arrange a barbeque every 3 to 6 months to allow everyone to relax and catch up. Allow them to bring their families or partners with for that personal touch. This will also allow the family to perhaps understand the work and busy schedule a bit better and appreciate their partners more.

5. Communication

Clearly tell your employees what you expect from them so that there are no misunderstandings that will lead to time-wasting and frustration. They would also like to get the project right the first time around and will appreciate it when there are some clear instructions or guidelines for them to follow.


6. Create a productive atmosphere

Encourage your employees to take breaks every now and then. Tell them to come and see you if they have questions. Allow the work area to be at a good temperature, well ventilated, and have adequate lighting. Do they have all the resources they need to do their job? A lack of resources can lead to unnecessary frustration and make work slow down dramatically.

7. Responsibility

Recognize when an employee is performing well and are able to take on more responsibilities. People need to feel like they are growing in their life and moving towards a goal. This will let them feel empowered and they will value the achievements that they are making.

8. Teamwork

Encourage teamwork and even allow people to work together on projects. This will allow people to feel creative and build good relations with each other. It is also a great way for a new employee to get introduced to the work without feeling completely overwhelmed.

9. Be a role model

If you expect your employees to be on time, show a positive attitude, and be helpful and hardworking, then be the boss that shows all of these qualities. They will aspire to be more like you and admire you for holding yourself to the same standards that you set.