How to pull off an organized job hunt

Job hunting can be so tough, especially for someone who wants to apply to multiple jobs at the same time. It possible to find yourself with inconsistencies in your resume, or even different cover letters scattered around your desktop. You don’t want to end up bringing the wrong resume or cover letter to you interview, so you need to find a way to keep yourself organized.

Before you get confused, try out these simple tips that can save you time as keep track of the busy schedule of job hunting.

1. Organization should be your priority

Make sure you are completely organized before you send out any of your applications. This enables your job hunt to run more efficiently and smoothly, hence minimizing the risk factor of overlooking something. This is the first thing you need to do before you can think about where you want to send an application.

How to pull off an organized job hunt

2. Consider using a simple spreadsheet

A spreadsheet is a powerful tool that can be launched either using Excel or Google Sheets. Using a spreadsheet will help you harmonize your job options and organize all of your job hunting information in one place. You can easily retrieve information using these spreadsheets and you can also interpret your data using charts.

Installing a spreadsheet application on your phone will assist you in making real-time updates to keep track of the happenings.

To begin with, you need to create a defined list of the jobs you have applied for, or the ones you are currently applying to, keeping in mind to note the status. As a general rule, it is also very important to save the passwords for each of the sites and companies you log in to for easy retrieval. If the computer you are using is your own, enable the cookies setting to store them for you.

3. Create a custom calendar

Calendar reminders are quite important for people who apply for many jobs, and you can make sure to schedule your interviews on different days. Using a calendar can help you keep track of all of your appointments, and can assure that you arrive on time.

4. Use an organizational website

There are plenty of sites that offer people help with organizing their activities. For example, jibberjobber, is capable of helping candidates stay organized and on top of their job search. It is simple and easy to use, as it centralizes all of your job hunt details.

How to pull off an organized job hunt

5. Go digital with your to-do list

Apps like Trello offer great support by keeping track of all of your to-do lists. When you get the app that fits your requirements, you will always be able to keep track of your tasks and may even start to beat your timelines.

6. Sign up for job alerts

During a job hunting mission, alerts can be the most significant time saving tactic to use. All the relevant jobs that are related to your search can be sent to your email address as notifications automatically on a daily basis.

These methods won’t help you stay organized in your job hunt if you are not committed. As long as you follow these tips and stay motivated, you’ll be able to pull off an organized job hunt.