Setting your daily routine for a long-term success

Routines are boring, but they are also very important to ensure that we use the 24 hours in our day to the best of our advantage for long-term success. Remember, Beyonce has the same amount of hours in a day as you do, and sure, she has a team of people, but essentially she makes the most of the time that she has. How can you be (almost) as successful as Bey? Set yourself up a routine!

Utilise your alarms

Alarms aren’t just to wake you up in the morning. Utilise them throughout the day to tell you when you need to start specific tasks in order to keep yourself on track. The key is working smarter, not harder, and letting your phone alarm take some of the heat off of you having to remember exactly what it is you need to get done and when. This is also one of the easiest ways to establish a routine.


Chunk things together

It’s easy to flip from task to task, but it is rarely the best way to go about your todo list. Block out times in the day to do everything from a certain category, for example answering emails or working on a pitch, all in one go, rather than doing some now and some later. This will allow you to get into the flow of one way of working and go through until you have performed all similar tasks.

Kick off the day with something difficult

It seems natural to start the morning by answering emails; however, this will put you in a reactive state for the rest of the day. Start by nailing a tough task first thing in the morning and leave the easier things until after lunch when you are naturally starting to fade a little. Emails can wait, and this way you will be on top of your game from the start of the day.

Schedule relaxation time

Relaxing and socializing when you are trying to study, or build up a business is often left to the bottom of your priority pile. However, it is so important to have time to yourself and let off some steam, so make relaxing a scheduled appointment. Whether you want to have a whole lunchtime where you’re not doing work, or a mid-morning massage with no interruptions, treat your ‘me-time’ in the same way you treat work commitments.

Delegate where possible

A lot of us are control freaks, and we like to do everything ourselves because we know it would get done the ‘right’ way. However, this isn’t great for productivity, and sometimes you have to delegate tasks to people who can do them, and do them well. Give someone a chance to prove themselves to you, and you might be pleasantly surprised – at the very least, you’ll have time to yourself.


Make it a resolution this year to work on a routine to help you make the most of your time. The more organized you are now, the bigger the payouts will be to your future success. You can do it!