Natural ways and ideas people use to stop snoring

Snoring can be a real problem, not only for the snorer but their partners too, as lying in bed next to a heavy snorer can make falling asleep impossible. People don’t choose to snore, and once they’re made aware of their noisy sleeping habits, they often try their best to put an end to it. These are some natural ways and ideas people use to stop snoring.

Switch position

The first thing you can try to stop snoring is to switch up how you go to sleep. Some people find that lying on their back makes them more likely to snore, so try switching to your side or your front. Your tongue can sit at the back of your throat if you’re lying on your back, so avoiding that position will reduce the likelihood of a noisy snooze. This can free up your airways to stop the loud rumbling coming from your mouth.


Strengthen your tongue

This might sound a little bizarre, but there are exercises out there that help to strengthen your tongue and muscles in your throat. Snoring occurs when these body parts become relaxed, so strengthening them will keep them in place better. Your throat is less likely to be blocked by a floppy tongue if it doesn’t sink to the back of your throat in the first place.

One of the exercises is to take the tip of your tongue and place it on the roof of your mouth before slowly sliding it backward toward your throat. Another is to place the tip of your tongue to the front teeth on the bottom of your jaw and then press the rest of the tongue to the bottom of your mouth.

Eat and drink better

People who are better hydrated are less likely to produce a mucus build up that can encourage snoring. That mucus builds up in your throat and nasal passages which can be what contributes to loud snoring in the evenings.

Some believe that avoiding dairy products can also reduce the levels of mucus found in your body. Dairy products are thought to leave a layer of mucus behind that gets stuck in your airways and causes snoring.


Take a warm bath

Before you go to sleep, you can prepare your body for relaxation by taking a nice warm bath. The heat from the water will warm your airways, and after you get out of the tub, the gradual cooling down will trigger your brain into thinking it’s sleepy time. This has a similar effect to using a humidifier, which adds moisture to a room, preventing your airways from drying out too much.

Exercise and losing weight

A common cause of snoring is the blocking of airways in people who may be overweight. When your airways are blocked or become narrower when you sleep, you snore, and one leading cause of this is fatty tissue found in the throat area. Losing weight can reduce the snoring, or sometimes it can even make it disappear completely. One of the best ways to lose weight is to eat better and to exercise more regularly.

Snoring isn’t really fun for anyone, and it can lead to some embarrassment for those who suffer from it. Trying these useful tips might just give you the relief you’ve been looking for without having to resort to any scary machines.