These are the ‘Best Jobs of 2019’, according to

It is always important to be able to find the best possible job for you and look at what you can do to further your career path. This is something that you need to consider carefully, and it is very important that you assess the best jobs on the market, and look at what suits you the best. There are so many factors to keep in mind that are going to make a big difference to your career trajectory.

Now, the best job is subjective, and this is important to keep in mind. There are a lot of things to account for when trying to determine what makes the “best job.” Of course, this is something that is almost entirely subjective, but it is important to have some sort of idea of where to start. Check out what reckons are the best jobs around in 2019.

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Software developer

There are so many great jobs in contention, but it seems like software developer ranks as one of the best. This is a hugely important job path, and one that combines good money, the opportunity for growth, and excellent culture satisfaction too. This is also a career that sees developers right at the heart of a growing tech industry that shows no signs of slowing down at all.


It might surprise you to see realtor on this list, especially with how tumultuous the property market is. But, realtor is actually a position considered to be one of the best, which may lend itself to the idea that you can never go wrong with property. The property market is one that will always go back up again, it’s just a matter of time. So, this makes it the ideal job path for anyone wanting stability, good pay, and a fast-paced and exciting career.

Machine learning engineer

Machine learning engineer is officially regarded as being the best job of 2019. With close to $150,000 base salary and an exciting job description, this is one of those careers that can make a huge difference to the world. Working alongside AI and cutting edge technology, the role of a machine learning engineer is akin to a data analyst, but it’s a little more niche.

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Insurance broker

There are some areas and industries where you are always likely to have a career, and insurance is one of these. The job stability, along with the salary and the opportunity to thrive and grow makes this one of the most appealing jobs on the market. Securing a job like this is an excellent way of being able to ensure you have a better and more enjoyable career path.

Apparently these rank as just a few of the ‘best’ jobs in 2019, based on a number of different factors. This is something to consider when you are looking at the potential best career path for your future. There are a lot of things that can play a part in making a job good or bad, and this is largely subjective. But these certainly seem like popular choices when it comes to finding the right job today.