Why you shouldn’t post about work on social media

It can seem as though social media is all around us, and many businesses now use it as a platform to reach thousands of people all around the world. However, that doesn’t always mean that we should post about work on social media ourselves.

It might cause friction at the office

Talking about your recent pay rise or boasting about a promotion at the office could be a sure-fire way to cause friction amongst other co-workers. You may accidentally make some people feel jealous, or spark a feud as others are annoyed by you climbing up the ladder and not them. As if that wasn’t enough, you may even be breaking your company’s policy. That’s right; some employers may want to keep the news to themselves until they have announced the promotion, and you could have just ruined their plans.

Why you shouldn’t post about work on social media

It could damage someone’s reputation

Having a bad day at the office can see many of us want to vent our anger. However, complaining about your coworkers or your boss online could be damaging to their reputation in the process. Anyone can have access to our pages, meaning a potential client could see your complaints and choose to take their business elsewhere. Sharing a small part of your work life could be the beginning of the undoing for your company without you even realizing it! The same goes for your coworkers. You never know of the damage you could unwittingly be doing to their career with a quick status update about office drama.

It might give you a bad name

Our social media selves and real-life selves can be two completely different people. Couple that with our personalities that come out in the office, and it might not be long before people start to form opinions about you. You want them to be good, right? Using polls online to decide the fate of your job or using your pages to rant about the ways of the office could give people the wrong impression. Even positive comments could lead some people to form individual opinions about your work ethic in the long run.

Why you shouldn’t post about work on social media

It will last forever

One of the best things about the internet is information will be around forever. Unfortunately, this can also hold us back. Remember that work rant you posted five years ago? While it might have slipped your mind, future employers might be able to track it down and see what you really thought about your previous job. Many employers will now search someone’s social media, and even though these posts might be taken out of context, they could reflect poorly on your work performance and see you miss out on a job without ever getting an interview. It’s best to think of your social media as another form of your résumé if you want to play it safe.

While social media can be great for keeping up with your friends and seeing what’s going on in the world, it can be important not to post about work if you want to keep yourself looking as professional as possible.