Weirdest careers that actually exist

Do you ever think that your profession is weird or even funny? Maybe you have come across other people whose jobs are completely ridiculous.

Check out a few of the strange things some people do to earn a living below. You’ll either wish you had such a crazy job, or you’ll be grateful for the work you have. Now, without further ado, here are the weirdest careers that actually exist.

Gross stunt generator

In case you’ve ever watched a show where individuals have to perform disgusting acts for money or competition such as wade into rat-infested conduits or eat live bugs, remember that it’s someone’s job to come up with these crazy concepts. A remarkable amount of research is usually needed in order to ensure that your concepts aren’t only gross but they’re also safe and harmless to the contestants.

Determining a chicken’s gender

Although people aren’t exactly lining up for this job, it pays surprisingly well. The task of determining a baby chicken’s gender sounds relatively mundane, but it’s actually quite challenging. Perhaps that’s why a talented professional in this field can make up to $60,000 per year!

Bad-breath smeller

How would you determine if your company’s chewing gum or toothpaste is doing a good job in getting rid of bad breath? Well, someone needs to test its effects, of course! This means that there are people whose job is to smell peoples’ breath in order to check the results of their products. If bad breath bothers you, don’t send your resume in for this one!


Just like the name implies, a ufologist is involved in the study of UFOs, or unidentified flying objects. Modern reports, history, government conspiracies… it’s all incorporated in this job, so in case you have a passion for the unknown, this may be a great job for you.


These are the individuals you sometimes see on TV, explaining in such a convincing manner why the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot really exists. It is all about utilizing your scientific skills in interesting and creative ways.


You would be astonished by the amount of knowledge you can gain from… animal excrement. Patho-ecologists analyze feces from many years past, learning much concerning the diets and lifestyles of animals and our ancestors.

Queen bee raiser

If bees are not your favorite, then this is not the job for you. These individuals work with bees each day, but they don’t just work with any bees. Queen bee raisers care for the noblest bees of them all – the queens.

Foley artist

You hear the results of foley artists’ work every time you watch a television show or movie and you don’t even realize it. They are simply tasked with making all of the environmental sounds that you hear in TV shows and movies. They usually utilize whatever tools they please, from flare guns to watermelons, to produce the exact sound they’re looking for.

Pet food taster

Pet food tasters not only taste dog food every day – some really appreciate it! It may sound strange but it’s sort of like wine connoisseurs appreciating a brand new wine. Besides, its stuff your cat or dog consumes, so why can’t you?

As we mentioned earlier, some of these jobs are so bizarre you would never imagine they existed. Now that you know about them, you might be wishing that you were the one doing a certain job in this list, or you might be even more grateful for the job you have.